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with greater clarity and focus.

Here's why:

1st, is the brain itself.

Neurological research reveals the aging brain is more agile, elastic, adaptive and supple than anyone realized. In fact, as the brain ages it brings "new cognitive systems online and cross-indexes new ones in ways it never did before," thereby allowing the brain to work in different and better ways. The benefit of which is an uncanny knack to find chaos in complexity and deal more comfortably with ambiguity.

2nd, is unleashing the power of accumulated wisdom and experience.

Scientists have an equation for this and it's C=ME2. "Creativity is the result of our mass of knowledge (M) multiplied by the effects of two dimensions of experience, one, the psychological and emotional growth over the years, and two, the accumulated knowledge expressed as wisdom."

3rd, is a willingness to challenge the status-quo and embrace risk.

Psychologists tell us that our full creativity peaks at age five "when we're using 80 percent of our creative potential." By age 12, our creative productivity shrinks to about 2 percent and stays there throughout our lives. Why? It's simple. Surrendering imagination is the price we pay to navigate through a society that values conformity over originality. However, when we're of an age we're eager to try new things and embrace risk because we realize the futility of falling prey to needless insecurities, senseless worrying and intimidating inhibitions.

These agile brains, fresher eyes and delightfully less inhibited group of Greybeards are easily within reach by calling, writing or emailing:

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