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Companies need to find and embrace the intellectual, strategic, procedural and cultural adhesive that bonds sales, marketing and customer service. We have such an adhesive, which we call Customer Development Glue™.

We embrace the term "develop" because of what it means: to bring out the capabilities or possibilities. Because these days you have to develop customers over the long haul for the long haul. We also like that it provides a single, cohesive, unifying idea and platform around which your sales, marketing and customer service teams can coalesce to get, serve and keep the customers you so desire.

If you would like to spend a few minutes talking about how our brand of glue can bring new customers to your door and new revenues to your treasury, please give us a call, or jot us a note. If nothing else I’d like to think we would captivate you with some thinking that just might cause you to rethink your sales and marketing strategies.

Joseph Tilli
Greybeards, Inc.
3159 Lafayette Ridge Road
Wayzata, MN 55391